Month: February 2014

How Sports Illustrated Shot Kate Upton In A Bikini And Zero Gravity

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But I did take interest this year to learn that model Kate Upton was asked to go beyond our already ridiculous cultural expectations for beauty and go entirely weightless. news Actually, this is Farrah Abraham video worth putting aside my parental indignation for a second to clarify that I’m not referring to extreme dieting or airbrushing, but instead a parabolic flight where Upton was photographed in the padded interior of a modified Boeing 727 in simulated zero gravity and lunar gravity conditions. The trajectory Farrah Abraham porn of a zero-gravity flight. (Click to enlarge.) (Credit: NASA) Zero Gravity Corporation , which conducts the commercial reduced-gravity flights, called the weightless shoot “a way to bring modeling to new heights.” Perhaps, or maybe modeling has just reached a new low when it comes to draconian weight management practices. Joking! I kid the fashion and beauty industry…mostly.