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French Film Director Alain Resnais Dies Aged 91

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French film director Alain Resnais dies aged 91 His early features like "Hiroshima mon Amour" and "L’Annee Derniere a Marienbad" (1961) drew on the work of modernist French authors Marguerite Duras and Alain Robbe-Grillet. He also joined in the militancy of the 1960s, contributing to the collective films "Loin du Vietnam" and "L’An 01". From the 1970s onwards, Resnais’ films became lighter and more accessible, and his quasi-musical "On Connait la Chanson" (The Same Old Song, 1998) was a box office hit with 2.7 million entries in France alone. An ardent Anglophile, Resnais turned to English playwright David Mercer in 1977 for the screenplay of "Providence". Sir John Gielgud, who starred in the film, described Resnais as "the most English of French directors". The English connection turned up elsewhere, as with Ayckbourn’s play "Intimate Relations" which Resnais turned into the 1993 diptych "Smoking" and "No Smoking", among his most celebrated works. And for "The Same Old Song" he borrowed from television playwright Dennis Potter, whose series "The Singing Detective" used a lip-synch technique in which actors mimed the words of popular songs.

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